Neyland's Big Orange Cleanup

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Knoxville (WVLT) -- The Vols may have swept away some of the doubts about this season, with Saturday's win over Arkansas State.

But the day after the game, it took a large crew of workers had to sweep away the games remnants.

On Sunday morning there was still quiet a bit of activity on campus.

"Sometimes we have more trash than you can imagine," said Harold Hunt, who helps clean Neyland Stadium after home games.

It was silent inside the empty cavernous stadium, but the echoes of more 100,000 Vol fans were present, in the form of more than 10 tons of trash.

"Oh it's disgusting stuff," said Hunt.

Hunt leads the trash collection in Neyland's section Q.

Rabid Vol faithful, leave it all behind.

Hunt picks up a quarter and is reminded of the old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

"They find money and cellphones," he says about his fellow cleaners, "anything somebody can lose, keys or whatever, you find it down here."

The goal is to get started early, hitting the seats after the 7:00 AM clock-in helps them beat the heat.

And two decades of doing such a dirty job prepares you for almost anything.

"UT told me what to expect," said Leroy Penson, owner of National Cleaning System, "but I didn't expect what I saw that first Sunday morning."

Hunt talks about the size.

"Right here, just to walk all the way around, that's almost a mile," Hunt said.

Miles worth of work definitely requires a good attitude.

It's a hardy work-load for sure, but at least one trash picker upper doesn't mind.

"To the people that throw the garbage out, keep up the good work," he said, "job security."

Even though this week's effort will be only a memory after the Vol's next home game, Hunt will still have something to brag about.

"Hey, I can say I cleaned up Tennessee's stadium."

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