No Wedding, No Ring

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Knoxville (WVLT) - If you get engaged and the wedding is called off, who gets to keep the ring? The debate may be over.

Volunteer TV's Liz Tedone is following the story.

The courts have handed down a ruling specifically for this circumstance and it began in Knox County.

Former Knoxville television reporter Catharyn Campbell has been ordered by a judge to give back an engagement ring.

The Tennessee State Court of Appeals ruled Campbell must return the $35,000 ring to her former fiancé, Jason Crippen.

The court's ruling sets a precedent in the state.

Judge Charles Susano writes, "We hold that an engagement ring is given in contemplation of marriage, and, as such, is implied a conditional gift."

Originally, a Circuit Court Judge in Knox County ruled Campbell could keep the 3 carat ring because it was a gift.

But, the Court of Appeals ruling looks at the intent of the gift.

It's a debate many couples have spoken about.

"We've talked about it before and basically if I call off the wedding, he gets the ring back. And if he calls of the wedding, then I get to keep the ring," says Paige Kennamer, who is engaged.

And there's definitely a mindset between guys and girls.

Many men are siding with who purchased the ring.

"I would think whoever brought it. If it's a cheap ring, you could let her keep it," says Austin Neel.

"I'm going to take the engagement ring back though, 'cause that's a diamond," says Pat Scaglione.

Volunteer TV spoke with Catharyn Campbell by phone.

She declined comment until she could speak with her attorney.

You can read the lawsuit, the court of appeals decision and the appraisal on the ring, by clicking the link above.

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