Knoxville Primary Election Day

Knoxville (WVLT) - Knoxville Mayor Bill Haslam will keep his job for the next four years. Tuesday night, Haslam won the primary election with 87 percent of the vote.

Volunteer tv's mike McCarthy spoke with the mayor just moments after he found out he won.

It's a victory the Haslam campaign said the mayor won by an historic margin. His competitor, Isa Infante, even called the race "Isa vs Goliath." Goliath won.

Mayor Haslam got more than 5,700 votes. Infante pulled in just more than 660, and Mark Saroff got 165. Saroff actually dropped out of the race, but didn't tell the Election Commission in time to have his name pulled from the ballot.

As for the turnout, still wasn't high, but it was more than the primary two years ago. This election, more than 6,500 voters cast ballots. That's compared to just more than 3,700 voters in 2005. Still, this year's turnout only counts for about eight percent of the more than 86,000 active voters in Knoxville.

Here's what the mayor plans for his second term: He says he wants ot continue work on the South Waterfront in downtown. Also, focus on improving schools in the city.
The mayor says it's time to stop wishing what Knoxville was and celebrate what it is.

"I think part of it is you keep doing what you're doing. It would seem wrong for the second four years, we're going to do this. If it was a good idea, hopefully, we're working on things, but a lot of it now moves to implementation," Haslam said.

"No matter what happens tonight, it's been a victory, and the victory has been for me that people are now aware that they can make a difference. That their voice, that they do have a voice, that it does matter, and they can organize to get things done," Infante said.

They mayor's race was decided Tuesday night. All the City Council seats won't be decided until the general election in November.

Other than the mayor's race, only the City Council at Large Seat A was contested. Ray Abbas lost to incumbent Joe Bailey by a 2 to 1 margin.
However, both will advance to November election.

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