United Way Kicks Off Fundraising Efforts

Knoxville (WVLT) - The United Way of Greater Knoxville has kicked their fundraising efforts into high gear.

U.T. coach Trooper Taylor joined with Mayor Bill Haslam to ask Knoxville residents to donate to United Way and other local charities on Tuesday.

Last year, Knoxville residents lived up to their reputation of being the Volunteer State.

This year they hope residents will do even more

"This year, for the first year ever, the sheriff's office is involved in Knox County's campaign, so the contributions to United Way and other community health charities should go up significantly and we are very proud of that," said Ben Sharbell, the Knox County project Analyst.

Knoxville is home to more than 40 agencies that offer about 140 programs.

If you and your family want to get involved, click on the United Way link below.

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