A Townsend cemetery is described as a disgrace

A cemetery is supposed to be a final resting spot. Some folks told Local 8 News - their loved ones are resting in weeds, that reach knee-high.

Jennifer Yarnell comes to Bethel Cemetery, to visit her father, often.

"He was a Vietnam veteran. He was an advocate for the Townsend community," Yarnell

Now, while her father is resting - she's fighting for his surroundings.

"It's very disgraceful - it's very disrespectful," said Yarnell.

Yarnell told Local 8 News, the owners of Bethel Cemetery are still spraying the site with weed killer. That's why she got more than 80 people to sign a petition. Jackie Davis is one of the petitioners.

"I just sat here and cried and so I sat here and pulled it away," said Davis.

We did speak with the owner of the cemetery, they declined to interview with us.