A community comes together hoping to change its image

A community that's lived through a lot of violence is coming together to change its neighborhood.

Drug deals, shoot-outs and robberies all happening on Cook Drive.
A street Brenda Weaver's called home for decades.

"I was gonna stay here for a few years - then it got to be five, ten, fifteen - where did the time go," said Brenda Weaver.

They say home is where the heart is and Brenda Weaver continues to pour her heart into her community. Her mission, helping kids stay out of trouble.

"I was about 14 and she came out and helped me out stay out of trouble," said Ray Stewart.

Now, a neighborhood where she's given so much, is giving back.

"We are talking with other superiors about changing Cook Drive to Weaver Lane," said Tonja Warren.

"I'm very honored that they want to change it to Weaver Lane it's had so much bad publicity on it. Changing it may make a difference," said Weaver.

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