People living in Gatlinburg motel say they have no place to go

A few people are still living in a Gatlinburg motel a judge ordered them to vacate more than a week ago. (Source: Kyle Grainger, WVLT)

GATLINBURG, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A few people are still living in a Gatlinburg motel a judge ordered them to leave more than a week ago.

About six residents are still living at the Ski Mountain Motel, but tell Local 8 News they have nowhere to go.

Joshua Malott says he did find a place he could afford, but getting everything in order was difficult.

"Water's included but you've got to get your lights turned on. It's hard out here in this world and Stuart Kaplow ripped us all off," said Malott.

Kaplow is the owner of the motel, and the person the City of Gatlinburg has been in legal battles with since 2012. There's a stack of court documents at the Sevier County Courthouse that show what the city's done to get the motel closed down.

Malott says that while the living conditions were not the best, for these people it was what they could afford. Now he hopes the others find a place before they're thrown out in the cold.

"It's been hard, I let my girlfriend move back to her dads and I ended up sleeping in the back of my car until I found a place to be honest with you," said Malott. "It was a tough find, there are still people staying up there that are still looking for a place to go, they have not where to go."

Residents are expected back in court Wednesday.

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