A fight between KUB and a Knoxville Homeowner ends

Knox County, Tenn. A tree in a woman's back yard cut down without her permission
KUB said it was too close to power lines. Do they have the right to cut it down?

The answer is yes. Mary Langdon said the tree has been in her back yard for years.

It blocked golf balls from Beaver Brook Country Club in Halls- which she said fly onto her property.

The fight between Langdon and KUB has been an ongoing issue for months now. Today that dispute ended and Langdon isn't happy about it.

"I've had over a thousand golf balls come through my yard," said Langdon.

"KUB believes they are able to do whatever they want on someone else's property no matter if they like it or not. That is the dispute what is excessive tree cutting and what's necessary tree cutting?" said attorney Larry Silverstein.

"We have to keep up a safe distance in order to have safe reliable power - we've been working with the customer," said KUB spokesperson, Leslye Hartseol.

So, if you're in the same situation, what are your rights?

KUB said all trees must be planted a minimum of 10 feet away from power lines and 25 feet away from transmission lines.

All the rules are inside a booklet -you can find for free at KUB.

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