A look at the new driver's license renewal kiosks

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--We all complain about the time it takes to renew our driver's licenses. Waiting at the Tennessee DMV is now a thing of the past for most of us.

As easy as an ATM with touch screen technology. Tennessee Department of Safety Commissioner Bill Gibbons says, "It's one more option that citizens will have."

You just pick your renewal option, put in your old license and smile for your picture. The $45,000 machine issues a temporary license which is good for 20 days. The real one should be in the mailbox in 5 to 7 days. Gibbons says, "The bottom line is it will reduce lines in the travel centers."

You must renew your license every five years. Home online is also an option, but every ten years you need a new picture and that's where the kiosk comes in. This one's at the AAA office in West Knoxville. AAA Tennessee President Tim Wright says, "The kiosks are available to not only AAA customers, but the general public."

It has facial recognition so it knows if you're the person on the old license. Currently there are two kiosks in the Knoxville area, but more are soon to come. There's another one at the DMV on Strawberry Plains.