A mother claims a deputy harassed her daughter

A mother claims a deputy harassed her daughter. Now, she wants answers. The Knox County Sheriff's Office said that's not true.

There's two sides to this story -conflicting accounts.
One thing we know for sure - if you have a complaint against law enforcement - there's a protocol.

The woman we spoke with said she's skipping that - and going to an attorney.

Christina Romero and her 17-year old daughter told Local 8 News, they were standing outside their apartment when a man harassed the teen.

"I was towards the garage and he inched his way toward her bumper," said Romero.

That's when they got suspicious.

"He gets out of the vehicle he turns on some blue lights," said Romero.

Local 8 News called the Knox County Sheriff's Department and
their report shows a call came in about a suspicious vehicle.
It says Christina Romero got violent with the investigator - the man she believed harassed her daughter.

"They advised me to go to the internal affairs unit," said Romero.

She did but refused to put her personal information - as required.

"Why would I give them my information? Why would I give him information so he can find us anywhere?" said Romero

Now she feels her family's safety is at risk and that's why she's putting her case in the hands of an attorney.

So,why does the Knox County Sheriff's Department demand personal information? They tell Local 8 News, folks need to put their social security number and date of birth on a complaint because some people file false complaints - and for that, they can be prosecuted.

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