A sister searching for answers after her brother's murder

Knoxville,Tenn (WVLT)-- A sister is looking for answers after her brother was shot and killed.

She's talking to Local 8 News about her brother's final moments.

We're talking about Kenny Pullens, gunned down last week in North Knoxville.

Monday afternoon, his family laid him to rest but tell us there is no closure.

They believe he was set up and they won't rest until they get the truth.

His sister Chanekka Pullins held back tears as she talked about her brother, "I just want people to know he was loving and he didn't deserve this and we will fight all that we can to find justice for him."

Kenny Pullens was shot to death a week ago.

According to a Knox County Sheriff's report, Pullens and his girlfriend met up with Joshua Berry and another man to buy some pot.

Deputies say a fight broke out and it ended when Berry shot Pullens in the chest.

Family members say it was a set up.

"I do think this was a premeditated plan," says Chanekka,"but that's what I'm hoping the police department and other people who have the authority to, can go into it and discover all this. I hope it all comes to light."

Witnesses we spoke with on August 19th say they saw the group involved in more than a shooting.

"They started going through his pockets and getting stuff out of his pockets while he was laying there, even the girlfriend," says Jessica Wallce, who lives at Autumn Landing apartments, where the shooting happened.

Now Kenny's family wants to know who was involved and most of all they want answers for Kenny and their family.

"I hope that all parties involved get the justice they deserve," says Chenekka, "they deserve to get the same treatment as he (Berry) had, if they were participants in my brother's murder, that's all I would like to see."

Investigators tell me they are still looking into the case but have no new information.

Berry is in the Knox County Detention Center on second degree murder charges. He's being held on a half-a-million dollar bond.

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