Crimetracker: Two men arrested for attacking a woman, ripping off her clothes

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Knoxville, Tenn. A group of men attack a woman and strip her naked - it's all caught on camera.

Now, the two men are in jail. Darron Blackwell and Terrell Mixon are both charged with aggravated kidnapping.

It happened in Montgomery Village - where people said they're always surrounded by crime.

People told Local 8 News - they can't clean up their block without more police involvement.

They said it takes too long for officers to respond and they fear, one day it may be too late.

"I'm concerned about my safety and my son's safety," said Robin Rusch.

Robberies, gang banging and drug deals all go down on the streets of Montgomery Village.

"When you can see activity going on and you call the Knoxville Police Department and by the time they get here the activity is done and over it makes you feel unsafe," said Tonja Warren.

So, is this an area that cops dodge because of all the violence?
That's an answer Local 8 News demanded from KPD.

"We work very closely with that community and we continue to," said Darrell DeBusk with the Knoxville Police Department.

"All I see is them patrolling for a couple of hours and leaving. They're not really patrolling at night and that's when everything happens," said resident Robin Rusch.

Now, this community is sending a message to police asking them to step up and do a better job of protecting them and keeping the streets clean .

Local 8 News did speak with officers about the cell phone video - they are investigating the attack.

As for any arrest, the victim said she couldn't identify her attacker. Without the victim coming forward police say it's hard to press charges.

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