Adult Bullying: Bad for Business

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Bullying. It's a problem for teens, but it doesn't stop there. Now with social media, adults are being bullied.
Recently a Green Bay Packers cheerleader was bullied online, and reality star Kate Goselyn says she is a victim of adult bullying. It's not just on the net, it's in the workplace and it's bad for business." One woman Lauren Davis talked to said adult bullying cost her her job.

We're not talking about a simple disagreement with another employee. We're talking pain and anguish. Mental and sometimes physical abuse. For one woman maliciously bullied it's a reason to fight back and work for anti-bullying legislation.

Beth Poore makes a living helping others look and feel better.
Ironic, since she often felt beat down at work. Beth Poore says, "It wasn't just a snide remark or picking on me. It was a orchestrated, planned sabbatoge to get me out of there."

She watched her boss take jobs away, assign them to her favorites, pit coworkers against beth, killing her spirit. Poore says, "I was so depressed I had lost a lot of my value."

Beth isn't alone, bullying at the office is common. The Workplace Bullying Institute says up to a third of workers say they've been victims and a fifth of those bullied say it crossed the line to harassment.
The New York Times says most bullies are men. Research shows they pick on both genders equally, but women bullies are more likely to bully other women. Apart from the hostile work environment, bullying is bad for business. For example, high turnover, low productivity and difficulty hiring quality employees. Employee Assistant Expert Doug Wenrich says, "If there's bullying going on, I would encourage the employee to contact their supervisor."

Wenrich says more and more companies are coming up with more policies to address bullying at work. So far no states have anti-bullying laws for the workplace, but Beth is leading that fight Poore says, "It's out of control kids are killing themselves, adults are."

So which profession has the worst problem with bullying in the workplace? Teaching. As for Beth, she's in a better place now working for an employer who appreciates her. She also moderates two websites where victims talk about their bullying. She says the solution starts in preschool by teaching civility.