Alcohol found at Powell Middle School

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POWELL, Tenn. (WVLT) Seven students under investigation. Now administrators want to know who brought the vodka mix that sent one kid to the hospital. A Powell Middle student brought alcohol mixed with narcotics to school in a water bottle, on Friday. We talked to one mother who says school officials are threatening to suspend her daughter if she doesn't cooperate with the investigation.

Laura Smith tells me her well-behaved 8th grader is in trouble at school. Laura Smith says, "My daughter got perfect attendance to be suspended 2 hours later."

Suspended for holding a water bottle full of vodka at the Panther Promise table at school. The Panther Promise is a group that mentors and tutors other students. Her mom tells me it wasn't hers. Laura says, "She doesn't deny having it in her hand. She was holding it to smell it. Another student asked her what she thought it was."

That student told Laura's daughter she got it from a boy and started to feel sick after she drank it. The assistant principal told Laura there was Oxycodone in the booze. That student went to the hospital.
Now Laura believes the school is trying to bully her daughter into telling them who did it. Smith says, "When my daughter told them she couldn't speak to them, they filled out the investigation form."

Now Laura's daughter faces anywhere from a 5 day suspension to expulsion. Laura has to meet with an "outside person". Someone school officials told her is an "impartial" person.

Knox County School officials say alcohol was discovered in a group of 7 students Friday morning and appropriate disciplinary action was taken. They also say one person was taken to the hospital.

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