An early Christmas treat for young girl from Belize

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Fantasy of Trees is an annual seen by thousands every year but for one young girl this was an experience of a lifetime.

You might remember her story from a few months ago; Her name is Catarina and she came here to Knoxville to have a massive cancerous tumor removed from her face. It was a life-saving operation that could only be done with the advance technology found at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital and UT Medical Center.

Now, eight months later, Catarina is ready to head back to her small village in Belize with a new lease on life.

But before she leaves; her host family and the East Tennessee Children's Hospital showed her what the Fantasy of Trees is all about.

It was a shocking site for Catarina and her grandfather especially since they have only had electricity for about a year in their village.

Juan Ishim, Catarina's grandfather said "We have never seen so many lights in our life! It's so much, so wonderful and beautiful."

Catarina didn't say much as she wandered through the hundreds of trees, lights and people. Her grandfather told us "I know she is excited. You can just tell by looking at her smile."

It's been a long eight months for the Ishim's but they will be head back to their village on Friday.

"We are so blessed and thank everyone that helped my grand-daughter. She will now live a long and healthy life and I can't thank everyone enough." said Juan.