An inside look at water rescue team training

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- During the hot summer months; many folks hit the rivers and lakes to cool off but we relief comes risk. The Sevierville Fire Department spent Thursday practicing skills that save lives.

Steve Whaley of the Sevierville Fire Department said "We have several tubing companies that put tubes in the water and turn people loose. We also have several campgrounds and parks along rivers."

Once every three months the fire department simulates life or death situations and put their training to the test.

"On technique is called 'Live Bait' where we go out in a boat, tether a rescuer to the boat and he dives in to rescue the person in the water." said Steve

It's just one of the many situations that the rescuers might face so they need to be prepared to handle anything.

Steve said "All it's going to take is one time for someone to be in trouble and all this training will pay off."

The department even trains during the cold winter months using a dry suit to keep their body temperature normal.

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