Anderson Co. High principal saves a student's life

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An Anderson County High School student is alive saved by the quick action of an assistant principal. Initially teachers thought the freshman was having a seizure, but then it was a fight for survival.

We heard about this story after an Anderson County parent called bragging about Anderson County administrators. We've agreed not to give the girl's name or show her picture, but we wanted to share this amazing lifesaving story with you.

It started off like any normal day. The students gathered in the courtyard waiting for class to start. That's when a student collapsed and teachers screamed for help. Assistant Principal Travis Freeman says, "She yelled at me and I thought we had a fight or something."

It was a fight, but a fight to save the 14 year-old girl's life. At first he thought it was a seizure, but it turned out to be her heart. Freeman says, "I thought this kid is going to die on campus, and all those emotions go through your mind."

That's when he grabbed the AED defibrillator and put two pads on the teen's body. Freeman says, "It said shock advised, but I pushed it and it didn't do anything."

Freeman started to worry the 9th grader still wasn't breathing so he shocked her again and that's when Freeman says, "You could see her take a breath and it's just a ball of emotions. I thought, 'Oh my gosh! She's breathing."

Freeman says the teen's mom is grateful that she is alive. Freeman says, "She had a cardiac episode and the AED in fact saved her life. So, in essence, if we didn't administer it a student would have died here."

She's is in serious condition at Children's Hospital. Doctors are trying to figure out what caused her heart problem. I reached out to her family. They're not ready to talk now, but tell us they may in a few days.