Andersonville Fire Dept. plans are on hold

ANDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) --- Plans to start charging for fire protection are on hold in Andersonville after Mayor Terry Frank heard concerns from citizens.

“Since elected to office, I have received more calls on the Andersonville subscription plan than on any other issue," said Frank in a statement.

"I have spent more than one late night at the office on the phone listening to concerned citizens, and it seems it is the number one topic of concern at most of my meetings outside of the Courthouse.”

Frank will send the subscription plan to the County Law Director for review before any action is taken.

The fire department told us when the plan was originally announced that it was a last resort and budget cuts had handcuffed them into the fees.

A community meeting has been set for December 10th at 7pm in the Anderson County Courthouse to discuss any potential change.

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