Angelic Ministries has homecoming for its homeless program

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- After holding its weekly church service and meal for the homeless in multiple locations for the past year, Angelic Ministries officially moved its homeless program back into its own building on Saturday.

"When I came in this time I was like, 'Whoa, okay' They said it was going to be beautiful, and it is," said Frank Kincaid, who is homeless.

For years, Angelic Ministries has helped the homeless - offering a church service followed by food on Saturdays. But fire code violations forced the ministry to close its basement for renovations - meaning its homeless program had to operate out of other churches, making it more difficult to help people. That's why being back is so important.

"It affords us the opportunity to be more hands on with the homeless that come in with needs that we can meet with our warehouse, as far as clothes and stuff like that. If we have an emergency for coats and boots and stuff like that this time of year, then it's just right upstairs and we can meet that need. Whereas away from here, it was hard for us to be able to do that," said Tony Earl, executive director for Angelic Ministries.

"Oh it's really helpful - all these places like this. Help you out, feed you - give you clothes. Helps a lot," said Don Sharp, who is homeless.

The ministry added a new fire exit, fire doors and fire walls, along with handicapped bathrooms. It also needed a parking lot to meet zoning codes. Everyone had similar things to say about the renovations:

"It was beautiful, it was gorgeous. It made sunshine come on your face," said Debra Mullens, who used to be homeless.

The renovations cost about $120,000. Earl said it was all paid for through donations.

Angelic ministries also helps low-income families every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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