Animal Control Advisory Board meets for first time amid shelter scandal

CAMPBELL COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Without animal control, there are few resources to turn to. That's why people took their concerns to the Animal Control Advisory Board Tuesday afternoon.

"A bunch of us played a big role in trying to get the animals that were in the county here adopted," Cindy Farrer said. "I had actually fostered a few of them that went on to their forever homes."

Farrer of Blount county said what happens in the county affects surrounding counties, too.

"We receive the fallout if this shelter is not working that these animals are not left to hang and dry up here. Everyone in East TN is working for these animals. So we'd like to see that things change for the better," she said.

Some of those changes include proper staffing and care for the animals.

"We hope whoever is in the directorship position, does a better job and I think that's the whole prupose of the meeting tonight," said Michelle Davis with Friends of Campbell County Animals.

Davis is referring to allegations of abuse and neglect at the shelter. It all began with a video that sparked an investigation and the shelter closing.

"Apparently people felt like up to five years that things were being done humanely here and when I heard what's going on I completely disagree," Farrer said.

While many agree the county needs its shelter back open as soon as possible, they also agree it may take time.

The next board meeting will be held July 16th at 5 p.m.

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