Apartment fire in Louisville

LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)- Crews are battling an apartment fire in Louisville.

Officials say five families live there but there are no reported injuries. The apartments are located on Law Road in Blount County. It's unclear at this point how the fire started, but Fire Chief Doug McClanahan said it appears to have started in an apartment on the bottom floor of the six unit building.

Tenants sat on the hill across the street watching the flames destroy their homes.

"You try and make a life...try to work and take care of your kid, and everything's gone," Nichole Boone said.

Another tenant said he was sitting in his apartment watching T.V. when he heard Boone down the hall start screaming.

"When I walked out my door and I looked over, the kitchen window exploded," Cody McCarter explained.

McCarter said that the first thing everyone did was to make sure all the kids who live in the unit made it out of the building.

"It didn't even hit us to call 9-11 until we made sure everybody else was out," McCarter said.

At least half of the roof of the building collapsed while firefighters were knocking down flames from the exterior of the building.

Boone said she had an especially hard time watching the fire burn her home, because her dad's home went up in flames a few years ago and took all of her family's possessions.

"I was just trying to replace that, slowly but surely," Boone said through tears. "I guess that's not going to happen now."

The American Red Cross is helping the families locate temporary housing, as well as helping replace some personal items that were lost while the families work to get back on their feet.

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