Armed man in custody after 10-hour standoff with police

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Police have taken an armed man into custody after a 10-hour long standoff.

Police say Shane Tucker barricaded himself inside his home on Wheeler Street around 9 AM.

It started earlier when Tucker was spotted along I-40 W, near James White Parkway and Cherry Street, waving a gun.

Police say he fired near the road and walked into the woods.

They made contact with him around 2:30 PM and continued to negotiate.

KPD spokesperson Darrell DeBusk says Tucker made a few demands, such as food.

"Trying to talk to him, trying to calm him down and ask that he step out of the house," DeBusk says.

Police say he was very upset over some personal issues, but wouldn't elaborate.

A woman was in the basement when the standoff started, but she was not considered a hostage since she is was in a separate unit. DeBusk says they were able to get her out of the building safely.

No one has been hurt. They say the man was heavily armed.

"We know at least the the individual has a long [range] gun, and it's possible he has at least one or two hand guns," DeBusk says.

Officers say they're looking into a possible relationship with gunshots overnight. Officers say there is a "good possibility" they're related. Neighbors told Local 8 News they heard them.

"Rapid fire, best way I can describe it. Like being in a war zone," says nearby resident James Henry.

Henry was woken up by the gunshots. He says the bullets shot out the back window of his van and lodged into his neighbor's house.

"I took my grandbabies, put them in the hallway, made them lay down, told them not to move until we found out something," he says.

Those living nearby were asked to leave their homes for safety.

"We've got a lot of children in the neighborhood and this doesn't make us feel very comfortable about that," resident Willie Butler says.

Both directions on I-40 were shutdown between Middlebrook Pike and Asheville Highway. I-40 E reopened around 11:15 AM, I-40 W reopened around 7:30 PM.

Shane Tucker

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