Art professor turns craft supplies into art

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Maryville College art professor Carl Gombert is drawing some attention with a wall-sized piece of art.

He attacks the work from all angles. A few hours each day, and he hopes to be finished in just a few months.

"I've been inspired by mondalas and stained glass windows and decorative patterns and quilts and lace doilies. One thing led to another and next thing I knew I was making these," said Gombert.

The mural's impressive from all sides, but when you get closer, you realize it's all in the details. That's because the mural's composed entiresly of stamps.

"I've probably got close to a thousand, " said Gombert.

It's a style all his own, using good old-fashioned rubber stamps and an alcohol based ink pad. Gombert's worked with stamps for years, creating small geometric prints he sells in an online Etsy shop. Pulling several designs into one massive wall design is a first for Gombert.

"You know, a print on a paper can go anywhere. There's something different about designing something that's in a fixed, specific and public place," said Gombert. "It's incredibly fun and exciting to work on so I'm trying to get in as much time as I can."

His next goal is to do a commissioned mural in a private home.

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