Ask Heather - plants safe from frost/freeze?

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Roger in Knoxville wanted to know if he can get some gardening done.

He asked when is the average last frost and freeze for the Knoxville area, and is there any cold times in the long-range models.

The NWS keeps records for Knoxville and Oak Ridge. They show the average last freeze for Knoxville is April 6th and last frost is the 19th. But, just down the road, Oak Ridge average the last freeze around April 13th and last frost, April 29th.

This means the Valley is susceptible to damage to plants, from frost or freeze, at least through the end of April.

When it comes to long-range forecast, it's really more of a general idea. Forecasts are most accurate within a few days, as fronts as systems are actually organized.

Right now, there is a night below 40 degrees in your 8-day forecast, Tuesday night April 22nd/23rd.

The models are also indicating we could have some cold night through the end of next week, we're talking around 35 degrees.

Also, really looking far out, Easter night could be a cold one. Sunday night into Monday morning, 20th/21st, could be below 40 degrees.

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