Crimetracker: Attorney arrested for breaking into ex-girlfriend's home

A man who is used to defending others, may need someone to to defend him.

According to court documents, it happened on Belleaire Avenue.

Mark R. Wood, an attorney in town, is accused of knocking on Tiffany Nolan's door, she told police when she saw who it was, she didn't want to answer. He went to the back door and when she didn't answer there, he went through the window.

Neighbors heard yelling and saw lots of police, one woman didn't want to be identified, says she heard what happened.

"It was 2:00 in the morning and it was dark but I mostly heard more than I saw," she says, "When police got here they were trying to get him on the ground and he was making noises. It wasn't a moan or anything but it was like ah!"

The attorney faces a laundry list of charges, including domestic assault, burglary and resisting arrest with a deadly weapon.

Tiffany Nolan, told police she and Wood got into an argument earlier that day, and she was scared to open the door.

That's when police showed up.

"They kept yelling get down on the ground! Be still!," says the neighbor.

Several neighbors say they heard two gun shots. But, court documents don't confirm there were any shots fired. They do confirm Wood had a handgun on him at the time of the arrest.

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