Authorities bust meth lab at Maryville motel

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The Blount County Drug Task Force found two meth labs at a Maryville Motel.

Two "one pot" method labs were found in a dumpster at the Princess Motel on Highway 411. A "one pot" method is where cooks can make the drug in small containers, like plastic bottles.

They also discovered other components that are used to make meth.

Cassandra Forshee, who works next door at Papr Murphys, says she isn't suprised.

"It doesn't surprise me, they need to shut the place down but thats just my opinion."

Forshee says there's been other incidents at the motel. In February, there was another meth lab discovered there that caught a room on fire.

Grayson Shockley, who also works next door at Campbell's Pool and Spa, says its a shame for something like this to happen in Maryville.

"I think its scary that it can be you know right next door and you never know about it," says Shockley.

The Tennessee Methamphetamine Task Force disposed of the hazardous materials.

They decided to close off one of the rooms until it is clean and safe.

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