BBB warns of a free TV scam

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of a scam.

Clear Cast, a product by Brilliant Built Technologies, offers free TV with no monthly bills. They say its cable quality quality television. CEO of BBB of Greater East Tennessee, Jerry Tipton, says its a lie.

"The big problem is they're not delivering what they reportedly will. For instance they're saying get rid of cable implying that you get the same service and quality as you would get from your cable company and thats not the truth," says Tipton.

The Ohio-based company is less than two years old and has received over 130 complaints.

Tipton has these tips to help you avoid the scam:
- Do your homework.
- Ask the company to test the product before you buy
- Any advertisement that uses the word "Largest," Greatest," or "Best," can be questionable.

If you have a complaint or are wanting more information you can contact BBB of Greater East Tennessee at (865) 692-1600.