Harriman Police looking for hit and run suspect

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HARRIMAN, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Harriman Police say a hit and run's to blame for killing a 59-year-old man found near 601 Pansy Hill Road Friday morning.

It's a winding road where Dennis Hester took his last steps while walking home from a store.

Hester lived on the road with his brother Leroy. "He told me he was going to buy some cigarettes. I said are you gong to come back? He said 'yes' in about 15-20 minutes," says Leroy.

"They drive up and down that road too fast," he says.

Now the search is on for the driver. Harriman Police Department Chief Randy Heidle says, "There was some evidence left at the scene to help us close the case."

Leroy says, "He was a nice person. He was a nice person."

Chief Heidle says they have a person of interest in this case.

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