UPDATE: Crews fight apartment fire early Saturday morning

Knoxville, TENN (WVLT)-- An early morning fire wipes out almost a dozen apartments.

It happened at Huntington Place Apartments in West Knoxville.

Fire officials say a carelessly discarded cigarette is believed to have started the fire.

Ben Snyder who lives in the building says he was awake, getting ready for work.

"I heard the breaking of class, I looked out the window and saw fire falling from above," he says, "I tried to figure out how to get everyone out so I went back in got my roommates awake and shortly there after the fire department had arrived."

Meanwhile neighbors, like Amber Greenway, were waking up too, "I woke up and I could see the flames through the stairwell through the trees, we went outside, it was really like something out of a movie...it smelt like a campfire."

Now part of building 507 on Longview road, must be rebuilt.

But Co-Partner of the apartments, Frank Rothermel, says he's just glad everyone is okay.

"We were worried, we had to locate everybody and a lot of times people will have a guest or a family member so, you just don't know. I just thank God that nobody was hurt," he says.

The complex is working with the American Red Cross to help these residents find temporary homes.

Power and hot water were turned off at the nearby buildings as a safety precaution for most of the day.

UPDATE: 9/14/12. 5:50 a.m.
KFD tells us the fire is under control and interior crews continue to search for hot spots throughout the building's units.

The fire traveled the length of the building though a common attic.

A fire wall extending above the roof-line acted as a fire break, protecting the address side of the building and apartments from flames.

Fire Investigators will soon begin their investigation to best determine the cause of the fire.

The manager of the apartment is giving a full roster of residents to make sure everyone is accounted for.

No injuries are reported.

At least 35 firefighters fought an apartment blaze early Saturday morning.

The Knoxville Fire Department says it happened at 500, Longview Road.

The apartments are called Huntington Place Apartments.

It happened at 3:30 a.m., when crews arrived they found the top of a two story 11 unit building completely engulfed with flames.

Firefighters began a search of the units for any victims, they say, so far, everyone is safe.

There is no known cause for the fire at this time.

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