Baby leopard rescue caught on tape

GUJARAT, India (CBS) -- Forest officials safely rescued a three-year old leopard cub, which fell in an open well in Aambaliya village of Veraval in Junagadh district of Western India's Gujarat state on Saturday, locals urged the forest department to take necessary action as similar incidents have been reported earlier.

An eight member team of forest officials reached the site after a local farmer spotted the leopard inside the well.

After an effort of nearly half an hour, forest guards were able to tranquilize and cage the animal.

"The leopard was trapped alive inside a well. Soon after getting the information our police and forest department authority rushed to the site and rescued the leopard safely," said forest official, A. B. Kaneriya.

With the spread of the news, good number of locals gathered at the rescue site to catch a glimpse of the big cat.

However, locals complained of having faced similar situations in the past.

"A cub fell in the well. Earlier also such incidents have been reported. So that is why I request the forest department to cover the well properly," said Chandresh Dhaduk, a local.

Instances of wild animals like leopards and tigers straying into residential areas are not a new thing.

India's big cats are under threat, with increasing number of these spotted feline beauties being poached for their hide and body parts.

Depletion of their habitat has also threatened the leopards, forcing them to stray into human settlements - attacking people, poultry birds and livestock cattle - and often getting killed in return.

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