Bearden High student gets entire day of prom with LPGA's Belen Mozo

WEST KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- Gettysvue Country Club was the scene for most of the day during Belen Mozo's visit with Bearden High School Senior, Alex Notte.

Belen took what should be her practice days in between tournaments to come to Knoxville as Alex's prom date.

She says, "It was pretty much a done deal once he sent the video. I was the lucky who got it. He says, you're the lucky one." (laughs.)

Alex and his family made a video of him signing, as he requested Belen as his date to prom. She spotted it on Twitter and YouTube.

Belen says, "I think it was a very nice thing he did, I was very blessed that it was me and very lucky, like he said."

Alex's priest, Father Michael Woods of all Saints Catholic Church came to Gettysvue just to bless them and their dinner.

"Oh God our father, you are full of surprises, our first surprise was Alex and the power of his life. We thank you for Belen, such generosity is a reflection of who you are and we thank you for it, as it gives us great hope."

But the date started long before that, Belen and Alex played a hole before the rain set in.

"The magical moment when I got him out to hit a ball and he bombed it then walked off, it was really funny. I was really impressed."

Then Alex charmed Belen yet again, during an open clinic to support the Special Olympics Tennessee golf program.

Belen smiles big saying, "He came with a bottle of water because I was talking too much, in case I got thirsty. That was so cute."

Then a limo ride and red carpet service, courtesy of Coach Moore's "Care-a-sail" program.

But Belen is not used to that, "It is pretty fancy for me you might be used to the limo thing but I am not."

A special night, special date and special ride with his close friends from Bearden High's special needs department.

Alex had his limo pick up his classmates and bring them to the prom at the Clayton center in Maryville.

At the school's request for privacy, we didn't go inside.
But his mom sent us pictures of Alex scoring the perfect prom.

We have to congratulate Alex - he was first runner up to prom king. So he goes back to class as a pretty popular guy!

As for Belen Mozo, she's back on tour this week- first stop, first stop, Mobile, Alabama.

Special thanks to Gettysvue for being so accommodating, Coach Moore* for providing the Limo service, The Notte family and Louise Ball for photos!

*We have a link to Coach Moore's limo program, it runs on donations and there's a lot more to it!

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