Bearden High School student scores the perfect prom

KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- YouTube, Twitter and Alex Notte's family all helped him score the perfect prom date.

He and his family created a video they launched on YouTube, showing his swing and politely asking LPGA member, Belen Mozo to be his date to the Bearden High School prom on May 11, 2013.

The video was tweeted to Belen's account. She says she couldn't refuse. "The minute I saw the video it was pretty much a done deal. I was honored, that a kid with special needs wanted me, only me to go to his prom. And by me saying yes, it was going to mean the world to him," says Belen.

Alex is 19 and uses sign language along with talking.
His father Richard Notte says,"The reason he has trouble speaking is there is a connection missing from brain to mouth, Dysarthia that comes along with a few other neurological disorders."

Alex's passion is golf, and is a member at Gettysvue Country Club in West Knoxville. Richard says, "It gives him an interaction which is big for someone with disabilities."

Alex says, "Two years ago, I met Belen in New York at a golf tournament, an LPGA tournament. She was nice to me." That's why he wanted her to be his date to the prom.

After seeing the video, Belen said, "I thought that if I could change just a little bit how he sees life and that if he sees something he wants he can go and fight for it and get it, or he might not get it, but he's still trying."

The prom is Saturday May 11, 2013. The couple will dine at Gettysvue Country Club, where the chef is making a special menu just for them. Then, it's off to the prom at the Clayton Arts Center in Maryville.

Earlier in the day Alex and Belen will play golf at Gettysvue, then Belen will host a golf clinic at noon that is open to the public.

In the meantime, Alex is getting some extra lessons in with his coach.
Louise Ball says, "It's really turned into something, that once again the avenue through golf has given him a chance to do some cool stuff."

And Belen, well, she has some shopping to do she says, "This is my first prom. (They don't have proms in Spain.) Yeah, that's why I am so excited I need to look like a princess. I need to go buy my dress and I am so excited."

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