Troubled bar remains without a beer permit

KINGSTON, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Locked and empty is how Vicki Davis hopes the Grill and Pub in Harriman remains. She said it's been a problem in the community for several years.

But she knew something had to be done after losing a dear friend back in 2011.

"He was by best friend. He had no enemies," Davis said.

David Harvey died outside the bar located on Highway 27 after a fight.

The bar's beer license was on the line that summer, and just when it reportedly cleaned up its act, the bar got into trouble again. This time, for serving alcohol to a minor in February. The bar's beer permit was revoked.

"He shut his own bar down. We didn't shut it down. We're just going to keep it shut down," Davis said.

And it appears it will stay that way, atleast for now.

Roma Christopher applied for a beer permit last month to re-open the bar. But at a Roane County Beer Board meeting Tuesday afternoon, the motion wasn't seconded.

Christopher can apply again next month, but Davis said it won't be that easy.

"We will fight if they try to open it again," she said. "If it happened to you, you would be me, too."

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