Tennessee Traveler: Biblical Times Theater

PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- The story of Moses is one that's been retold through the centuries and is still a favorite to return to today. And that story is now being retold on stage in Pigeon Forge at the Biblical Times Dinner Theater.

The folks who run the theater tell me you shouldn't be intimidated by the name or the theme: You're not in for a church service -- it's as an experience filled with 3-D effects and a seven-course meal.

"It's a family experience here, being good clean family fun; learning also," says show director Allan Miller. "We all know somewhat of the story of Moses, but it gives it more in depth, and the audience says, man I didn't realize that," he says.

The show is performed in 3-D hologram. Blaine Sumler plays the lead role as Moses.

WILLIAMS: "How do you play Moses?"

SUMLER: "It's something you have to think about. You try to put yourself in those situations. You realize that there are very huge obstacles that Moses and all the people of Israel faced, and you try to capture the anguish and heartache they felt."

Scenes include the Burning Bush, delivery of the Ten Commandments and the parting of the Red Sea. And if you like Southern Gospel music, part of the performance includes highlights from some of great quartets. All that happens while you enjoy your dinner. It's a unique venue and show that actor Blaine Sumloer hopes leaves a distinct impression.

WILLIAMS: "What would you like the audience to come away with?"

SUMLER: "Something we think about every night and something that we hope for: We are the only Biblically-based theater in the whole area, so we hope something we do on stage, no matter what it is, lets them leave those doors which they entered and feel a little bit better than when they walked in."

The dinner theater is open every night except Sunday.

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