Big turnout for Knoxville gun show

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) - In the wake of the Sandy Hook School shooting and the recent presidential election, it's no secret gun sales are on the rise.

The Knoxville Gun and Knife Show just wrapped up its weekend at Chilhowee Park, and vendors say this was the biggest turn-out they've seen.

"It has been busy, yesterday and today both. Probably the biggest crowd that I've seen," said Jim Quinn, a vendor with Knoxville Tactical.

On Saturday, the hall was packed with dozens of people looking to buy firearms.

"I like to see what all the people are offering, (like) different guns, ammunition," said Dale Willis, a customer at the show.

Others were looking to sell guns and knives.

Jim Quinn says the turnout is greatly due to all the national attention on guns in light of the Sandy Hook tragedy, many of them coming in fear.

"People are worried the government is going to take away their rights. The right to bear arms and to defend themselves," said Quinn. "I've said all my life, it's not the guns that kill. It's the person using the gun that kills."

Another vendor, Warren Duncan, showed us the process to buy in a nutshell.

He says there's only so much that can be done to prevent crimes.

"If we get more laws against gun controls, the only ones its going to affect are law abiding citizens. Because the criminals haven't followed the thousand laws that are in place in this country this point," said Duncan, who owns Volunteer Ordinance Works of Cleveland.

It's a matter still up for discussion, but many folks at the show continue to bear their right to bear arms.

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