Billy Graham celebrates his 95th birthday with a message on faith

ASHEVILLE, NC (WVLT)--Eight hundred Invitees attended a birthday celebration Thursday at Asheville's Grove Park Inn.

Reverend Graham was congratulated by many but didn't give a speech; he said he was tired.

Those attending included former President Bill Clinton, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and Graham's son, Franklin.

The evening began with the debut of a new video of Reverend Graham from his home in nearby Montreat called, "The Cross,"part of Graham's "My Hope America" series. It's considered his last public statement on his faith.

The video is part of a nationwide outreach to 25,000 churches and family groups in sharing the gospel. It highlights Graham's past from crusader to advisor to seven Presidents and includes testimonies from hip hop stars to rock singers.

Graham's message can been seen here on WVLT Friday night from 7 to 7:30 p.m.