Blanketeers provide volunteer spirit and security to kids

WEST KNOXVILLE, Tenn (WVLT) -- They call themselves a ladies ministry, meeting once a month on Wednesdays.

They gather in the fellowship hall at Ball Camp Baptist Church.

Most of them are members. All of them have big hearts.

They make blankets. cutting and tying, braiding and even quilting them, mostly for kids.

They're handed out to homeless organizations like Family Promise, KARM and Lost Sheep Ministries.

Elizabeth Jenkins, a blanketeer says, "We look at it as an outreach ministry we do to help children that may need a blanket. And, it becomes a security thing for them, like Linus in the cartoon."

Also, Project Linus of East Tennessee gets a share as well.

Beverly Abel says, "We (Project Linus) send them area kids who are sick, have traumatic experiences, or lose a father or mother in military service. There are several organizations in the area that we distribute these to."

Yvonne brooks, a blanketeer says, "They're (the kids) so appreciative, they just drag it around everywhere, it makes us feel like we've accomplished a goal. That goal is provide something for someone else. Many of us can't go on a mission trip, so this is our mission."

The ladies buy the material themselves, and nothing's ever scrapped, even the smallest pieces are saved.

"We sew it together and make a quilt, then it becomes a quilt, we tack, hem, it and it's warm as toast, " says Elizabeth.

That's because they're made with volunteer spirit.

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