Blood donations help pets this summer

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- We've all seen the appeals for blood and many of us have donated; but what about blood for our pets?

The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine sees more pets coming through their emergency center this time of year.

Shanna Hillsmal; a Veterinary Technician explained "We see more pets coming in that have been hit by a car, got their good under a lawn mower or have severe flea and tick bites. We always need blood."

They get their blood from dog and cat donor centers around the country; keeping six units always on hand for dogs and two for cats.

When it comes to emergencies they have an "in-house" donor named Leia.

"She is our lifesaver in case we need to get blood for a hurt cat and don't have a supply on hand. She lives in the treatment room with all the staff spoiling and loving her." said Shanna

While Leia doesn't donate often she is the perfect candidate for donations.

"She's a type A blood and is in great health without any prior illnesses. Basically, a great match to help save other cat lives."

We spoke to other emergency center in the area; The Animal Emergency & Specialty Center and they told us they also keep blood on hand.

"Our 24-hour emergency hospital relies on Animal Blood Resources in Michigan to provide our patients with blood. For our canines, we purchase negative blood which most veterinarians recognize as universal blood. For our felines, we purchase all 3 types of blood." said Kiah Simmons from the Animal Emergency & Specialty Center in Knoxville.

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