Blount Co. Schools hoping for more budget money

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BLOUNT COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT) - Tonight parents are getting their first look at next year's school budget in Blount County.

The school board approved the budget, which calls for an increase to $86 million.

The district is hoping a wheel tax resolution will be passed to close some budget gaps.

The Director of Schools also says a number of text books are outdated, and too expensive because of previous budget cuts.

One history book still being used at Rockford School lists the current president as Bill Clinton, and there's no mention of 9-11.

Approving the budget will also keep the district from having to make huge cuts like laying off teachers or eliminating bus service for five weeks.

"That would have a devastating effect not only on those students but also on the schools as we're all held accountable for how well those students perform," said Rob Britt, the Director of Schools.

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