Blount County Schools approve budget, but will cost jobs

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MARYVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) The Blount County School Board approved this years budget, but with it, comes the loss of some jobs.

84 jobs will be cut, 24 of them will be full time, certified jobs, and 60 of them will be non-certified.

Teaching assistants are some of the positions in danger.

"I'm not very happy with this, but you know, what am I gonna do?" says Laura McClure, a teachers assistant at Heritage High School.

McClure says it is very important to have teachers assistants because the students need them.

Rob Britt, the director for Blount County Schools says balancing the budget comes with a price.

Britt says, "that will have a negative impact on our school system."

He says they're taking a fairly significant step backwards, but they had no choice.

Britt says that for those who are laid off, they will be placed on a "preferred hire" list, so when the school hires for positions, those on the list will be first to be considered.

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