Local couple dead in murder-suicide

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LOUISVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A community is in shock after deputies found a couple dead in their home. Now, investigators tell us it's a murder suicide. Investigators say the two who died are husband and wife. They believe Steve Adkins shot his wife Rebecca then himself. People who knew the couple for more than 20 years say can't believe they're gone.

A lot of activity outside this house, but it's what was found inside that has everyone so upset. Laura DeGova says, "I hate it for the family. I hate it for all of us really."

Steve and Rebecca Adkins are dead. Their bodies discovered Sunday night. Neighbors say Steve's dad, Ray, went to check on the couple after not hearing from them for several days. That's when Ray found the bodies. Laura DeGova says, "This whole community depends on them. They've been here for all of us all the time."

Steve and Rebeccca Adkins owned the trailer park next to their house.
More than 100 people live there. DeGova says, "They're really good people. You couldn't ask for better landlords. Landlords usually have a bad name, but these people are kind and sweet "

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