Blount County launches senior transport program

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Blount County kicking off a new program for seniors who have trouble finding their own transportation.

Senior Smiles is a Blount County Community Action Agency program set to launch in October, offering volunteer based car rides for seniors.

The program kicks off Friday, the first of three volunteer recruitment lunches.

These "Soup & SMiles" lunch-and-learns will give the community the opportunity to sign up as a driver or a rider.

The first event will be at New Providence Presbyterian Church on Sept. 6 starting at 11:00 a.m. The following event will be held Sept 17 at Martin Luther King, Jr. Center. The third and final event is set for Sept. 23 at Louisville Community Center.

All Blount County residents, from prospective volunteers to riders and their caregivers, are encouraged to attend and learn about the program's benefits and how to get involved.

"SMiles is designed to enhance the quality of life for our local senior citizens," said Office on Aging Director, Joani Shaver. "Seniors often feel stranded, isolated or trapped as they struggle to get where they need to go. Through SMiles, seniors will gain access to an affordable and convenient mode of transportation that's better able to meet their needs."