"Bod Pod" helps people make a plan to get healthy

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- A contraption called "The Bod Pod" is helping people build a plan to get in shape and healthy.

It was once primarily used by high performance athletes. "Now, about 70 percent of people i test are people coming in for weight loss and trying to get changes in their lifestyle," said Eddie Reymond from The Health Shoppe.

It takes just a few seconds for a few times. Then, users get a printout of the intimate details of their bodies.

"It shows the amount of muscle mass you have the percentage of muscle mass, the amount of body fat, and percentage of body fat, it also gives you your total weight," said Reymond.

Susan Smith, 43, calls the procedure a lifesaver. She's lost four dress sizes since October. "It was a really great process, just learning about myself," said Smith.

People who use the Bod Pod system get a diet plan, personalized for their specific measurements.

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