Body found during Easter egg hunt | UPDATE

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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Police have identified the man as 29-year-old Joshua Wayne Grubb.

The cause of death is expected to be natural causes.

Police believe he was homeless.

An autopsy will be performed.

A Knoxville woman was shocked to find a body under her deck as she and her four-year-old son participated in an Easter egg Hunt. The events that unfolded that day shocked the neighborhood, too.

Judy Morelock is Tara Hanouskova's neighbor across the street.

Morelock says for days, her neighbor smelled what she thought was a dead animal. So Hanouskova called the man who mows her lawn to come out and look, but he found nothing. But later, Morelock says, "She had gone in his backyard with son and said odor was very bad. So she decided to look under the deck and saw his feet clad in sneakers."

Hanouskova declined an on-camera interview. But Morelock says she talked to Hanouskova after the body was discovered - and she was shocked at first.

"It's not every day you find a body in your yard, but she's handling it very well," Morelock says.

"I was pretty freaked at first, but I figured it's something that happens," she says.

Morelock says Hanouskova told her she thought the body had been under her deck for about two weeks. Morelock speculates that the man was homeless since he didn't have an ID on him.

Police still haven't identified the body but say the man had extensive dental work and they hope that will help them find out who he is.

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