Boston runners pick up their marathon medals

BOSTON, Mass (WVLT-CBS news) -- Boston marathon runners returned downtown to pick up bags with their belongings.

They were treated to a medal for participating in the 26.2 mile race tragically cut short by the bombings.

Some of the runners who received their medals shared their experience and talked about the moment when as they ran they found out about the bombs. (You can hear from them in the link provided.)

One of the runners who received her medal is Michele Silva's cousin Andrea Pukulis, who is pictured with this story.

She lives in the Boston area and was less than a half a mile to the finish line when the bombs went off and she was diverted.

On Monday night she wrote, "What a day... I'm safe and sound and only .30 miles short of a marathon. So thankful to the strangers in the streets, providing food, blankets, cell phones, water, and their apartments when so many were in need. And thank YOU for all your care and concern on such an wonderfully positive day gone terribly wrong. Saddened by the events at the finish, but thankful for amazing friends and family (and strangers!)

Her caption on her Facebook with the picture of her medal reads, "Thank you Boston for the jewelry."

Michele replied with, "It''s worth more than diamonds."

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