Boy's quick thinking gets him home safely

Oak Ridge, Tenn. Boy's quick thinking gets him home safely. After school bus driver drops him off at the wrong stop.

The mother told Local 8 News she was hoping for the best - while thinking the worst.

Maliki took Friday off school after a normal routine turned into a nightmare.

"I was on the bus and the bus driver let me off at the wrong stop," said the 6-year-old.

Dropping him less than a mile away from home.

"I had a good idea to walk to Walmart. That was the only way I could get home," said Maliki.

Forcing him to cross a busy intersection. All the time, his mother had no idea this was going on.

"All I think is my son could have gotten hit ,killed or kidnapped," said Sivia Davis.

Now, the school board is speaking out.

"The bus driver did violate policy and we are taking action against the bus driver," said Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Chris Marczak.

The school went on to tell Local 8 News, this is a rare incident - but something Maliki's mom knows put her son's life in danger.

"Next time it happens God forbid ,someone might never getting their child back," said Davis.

The buses are contracted through a third party. School officials said they ensure the safety of all of their students.

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