Brooke Morris's mom spends daughter's birthday at cemetery

A passerby discovered 23 year old Brooke Morris of Knoxville late Saturday night. Deputies said she had suffered gunshot wounds. (Facebook)
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KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)--Brooke Morris was murdered in Roane County last October. She would have turned 25 years old Wednesday. Now her mother is celebrating her birthday at the grave site.

For many, the cemetery is a place for the dead, but for Brooke Morris's mom, it's a place to bring Brooke's memories back to life. Brooke's mom brought balloons to celebrate her daughter's 25th and she held a party. Tina Gregg says, "We had cake. We had her name put on it and I let her son put candles on it. It was a real nice time for all of us to be together. You keep looking around for her like she needs to be there."

Brooke was shot and killed last October. Gregg misses her, "In a way it feels like it's been forever since I've seen Brooke. That's the hardest I want to see her to tell her I love her."

That's why she comes to the grave site every 2-3 days, to read notes people have left and to talk with Brooke. Tina adds, "I know she's not here, but it's the last place I've seen her when we buried her. I guess I get a peace out here because it's so peaceful."

Brooke's former boyfriend, Shawn Smoot went to Mississippi after the crime. He's back in Roane County awaiting trial for her murder . Gregg is gaining strength, "I feel like I've gotten stronger. I know she's not coming back as much as I want her to. I know she's not."

Tina hopes justice for her daughter's murder will come soon. Smoot is expected in court tentatively for spring.