Bruce Ruck in court charged with sexual assault

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He staked out restaurants looking for teenagers and one girl says he groped her. That man stood before a judge facing charges and we're hearing from another parent who says he also targeted her kids.

The picture that helped nab Bruce Ruck, after a teenager said he groped her at the Alcoa Panera two weeks ago. This picture came from a woman who says she snapped it back in February after ruck exposed himself to her three children at the same place. So when she heard about the most recent incident at Panera, she handed the picture over to police.

This is Bruce Ruck in court a few hours ago. He faces sexual battery and indecent exposure charges from that February incident and the one two weeks ago. That 16-year old's family called police after she says he cornered her in a booth and put his hands up her thighs.
Ruck is out on a 22 hundred dollar bond.

He'll be back in court on December 30th. Until then, the judge ordered him to stay out of any public places. He's only allowed to go to work and come straight home.

Detectives tell us they have questioned other teens who say they've had contact with Bruce ruck in the last year.