Bullying alleged at Sevier County High School

SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT) -- Two parents say their kids have been bullied so badly that they may need to take their kids out of school

Ruth Justice,15, and Georgia Sullivan, 17, are both students at Sevier County High School.

"I got bullied so bad Friday that I got in a fight," said Justice. "I get so depressed. I set in my room and cry all the time."

Sullivan, a junior, says she's been a target since she was a freshman.

"They tease me, they make fun of me, they call me a *****, a whore, told me I ****** a guy in the janitor's closet," said Georgia Sullivan. "They push me up against lockers, I just want it to stop."

Their parents want it to stop also. The moms of both Ruth and Georgia say they are worried something will happen to their daughters.

"Nothing is being done. It's like they don't care and when you talk to them, we'll get to the bottom of it, but they never do," Amanda Sullivan told Local 8 News. "My child is a victim. Not only my child but the others that are being bullied in that school."

Para Hurst, mother of Ruth Justice added, "So I took her out yesterday. So I just home school her myself so that will put a stop to her being bullied at school. "I'm worried about her, I'm very very worried about her."

The parents say they've contacted the school and the school board, but nothing has happened.

A district spokesperson said they do investigate all claims of bullying.

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