Burglars in Grainger County hitting houses and stealing jewelry

This Oct. 10, 2012, photo shows jewelry containing high levels of the toxic metal cadmium purchased by The Associated Press at small shops in Los Angeles during a 19-month period ending in March 2012. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)
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A county in turmoil. An inmate on the loose, a sheriff who's stepped aside and now a string of burglaries.

Blaine is a quiet place in Grainger County. Carol Stanifer has lived there for 23 years. Carol Stanifer says, "We've never had trouble here."

Recently her community has become a playground for thieves.
Stanifer says, "I'm worried. It's really close by."

Burglars are going to houses where they think no one is home looking for one thing gold. They knock on the doors to see if someone's there and then. Chief Deputy Charles Biddle says, "No one answers the door so they break the glass and go. They go through the bedroom and get jewelry and be gone. We've never had burglaries like this where they just go in after one thing"

Neighbors are watching out for each other, but Chief Deputy Biddle says they're targeting houses isolated from others. Chief Deputy Charles Biddle says, "That's the thing that hurts us as far as the investigation. Usually somebody sees something."

Chief Biddle says they've arrested three people in connection with five of the burglaries. He thinks there are two or three other groups responsible. He also tells me he only has two deputies who work the day shift, so they're putting as much as they can into the investigation.

Also in Grainger County police are still searching for the third missing inmate David Valentine. Who hasn't been shy on social media.